Kushal Network Of Textile “KNOT”, an alumni organization of Kushal Textile Institute, was established in 2009. KNOT aims to boost confidence of young textile entrepreneurs of Surat, by developing skills among them with knowledge of latest technologies and business trends.

In continuous Endeavor for growth, KNOT organizes seminars, conferences, workshops, industrial visits, etc. KNOT provides forum and platform for exchange of knowledge, experience and ideas in domains of textile manufacturing, production, economics, management and marketing.

Since its inception, KNOT has successfully organized more than 50 such events on various topics, which has established a trustworthy image of KNOT.


(1) To provide a forum to enable the member to keep contact with one another.

(2) To provide a forum to enable the member to keep in touch with the business matter.

(3) To promote knowledge and information in field of Textile through meetings, discourses, seminars, symposiums, conferences, demonstrations, exhibitions, technical tours and gatherings.

(4) To initiate, collaborate, promote, preserve the activities which is in the common interest of the fraternity of Textile.

(5) To organize social activities for the benefit of the Members and/or the Textile Fraternity and/or the Textile Workers.

(6) To promote and include the spirit of co-operation, harmony and professional ethics among the members.

(7) To work to preserve the prestige and honor of the members as member of the “KNOT” and to secure for them higher rights, privileges and status.

(8) To perform all acts, for the furtherance of the objects of the “KNOT”.


 Member can expand his business.

 Member can up grade his business.

 Member can make change within himself and increase confidence level.

 Member can increase business contacts.

 Member can increase personal contacts.

 Member can reduce his stress & can get relaxed by discussing problems.

 Member can get opportunities for his all round exposure.

 Member will feel proud and honor to be a part of “KNOT”.


Correspondence address - knotkti@gmail.com